IFALPA Commends Extraordinary Efforts of Cathay Pacific Pilots


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9 December 2021 – The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) commends the pilots of Cathay Pacific Airways who have selflessly assisted their international pilot colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pilots from around the world have experienced extremely difficult and oppressive quarantine situations in Hong Kong throughout the pandemic.

Cathay Pacific pilots have provided countless care packages, food, essential appliances, and other necessities to their quarantining colleagues in Hong Kong. Most importantly, they’ve provided the comforting presence of a friendly local pilot colleague and their Association. Many Cathay Pacific crewmembers and their families have also been subject to these harsh quarantine facilities and understand their colleagues’ plight firsthand.

“These extraordinary pilots are acting selflessly at a time when their own situation is enormously challenging. The Cathay Pacific pilot group and their representative Association, the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association (HKAOA), have been subjected to extreme management hostility and a toxic work environment,” said Captain Jack Netskar, IFALPA President.

Cathay Pacific management has unilaterally terminated the Associations’ Recognition and Good Faith Bargaining agreements and imposed what is essentially a “sign or be fired” concessionary agreement upon them. Management continues to impose egregious working and isolation conditions on their pilots and refuses to acknowledge the negative impacts on the mental and physical health of their crews.

“We want the Cathay pilots to know that we have not forgotten them. We will continue to work with our 100 Member Associations and the 100,000 pilots they represent to support you in your struggle…” Captain Netskar stated, “…we are also actively collaborating with the Oneworld Cockpit Crew Coalition (OCCC) to encourage other airlines to hire Cathay Pacific pilots as the opportunity arises.”