Open letter to French Aviation Managers

Roissy CDG, le 1er octobre 2019 – Outre le constat des grandes difficultés que rencontre le secteur aérien français, au travers de la situation dramatique d’Aigle azur et du sort non encore scellé d’XL Airways, deux autres sujets provoqueront, sans une inflexion radicale de la politique gouvernementale, une crise sociale majeure : la réforme des retraites et la volonté de noyer les pilotes dans une grande convention collective de l’aérien.

Les dirigeants du transport aérien français restent étonnamment muets sur ces questions qui pourtant sont essentielles pour préserver le contrat social que nous avons construit ensemble depuis des décennies.

Dans une lettre ouverte, que vous trouverez, ci-après, Yves Deshayes, Président du SNPL France ALPA interpelle les dirigeants du transport aérien « pour les avertir que leur absence de soutien sera un facteur contributif majeur à l’émergence d’une crise sociale grave qui impactera de façon certaine la santé de notre bien commun ».


Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez contacter :
Yves DESHAYES, Président du SNPL France ALPA – 06 31 06 06 98
Vincent GILLES, Vice-président du SNPL France ALPA – 06 77 79 24 34





                                                                                              Roissy, Octobre 1st 2019

Open letter to French Aviation Managers


Dear All,

As you often like to remind everyone, our businesses are a concern for all. Therefore, we would be justified in hoping that employees and leaders would be unified to rise up against attacks on this common entity, be it economic difficulties or attempts to destroy the social contract that we have built together over the decades.

While you know how to make your voice heard in denouncing the government’s abandonment of French air transport, you are totally silent when it comes to preventing the creation the catastrophic social policy that stems from its political dogmatism.

As proof, the following two topics will undoubtedly provoke a major social crisis very soon without a radical change in government policy: the pension reform and the desire to drown the pilots’ voices with the creation of the common aviation collective agreement. 

On the subject of pension reform, together, over the last 70 years, we have built and managed an effective system, which does not depend on any external subsidy and which has satisfied generations of Pilots and Crew. At a time when the government plans to get rid of this institution with a stroke of the pen, we are stunned by your silence on this subject.

In the same way, when will you finally tell the government that its desire to create a major aviation collective agreement is not compatible with the specificities of our pilot’s job? When will you say that the texts governing these specificities must be negotiated exclusively by pilots? That’s what you’re telling us privately.

SNPL France ALPA knows how to get involved when it comes to supporting you in the fight against the taxes that are slowly killing French air transport. We are working hard to make our voice heard in unison with you, whether in the press, via social media or directly with politicians.

On the other hand, your silence is deafening when it comes to preserving the social contract of your employees in the face of constant governmental attacks.

We are asking for nothing; we just want to warn you that this lack of public support will be a major contributing factor to the emergence of a serious social crisis that will definitely impact the health of our common good.

You will no longer be able to feign ignorance and be the surprised victims of a conflict between employees and the government. By persisting in your inaction, you will also be responsible for this social unrest. In the interest of our companies, we do not doubt that this letter will grab your attention.

Please accept, Ladies and Gentlemen, the expression of my best feelings. 


SNPL France ALPA President

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